Ma-Chis LCITE, with our teaming partner NetGain  http://www.netgain-corp.com provides management of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) TRANSCOM project, DOE’s unclassified Tracking and Communications System used to monitor the progress of various "high visibility" shipments, such as spent nuclear fuel, high-level and Transuranic radioactive  waste.

With a demonstrated 99.8% reliability this nationwide 24-hour per day tracking system combines satellite and ground-based communications to monitor the progress of DOE truck, rail, barge, and ocean vessel shipments in near real time. TRANSCOM has been used to monitor over  12,000 DOE high visibility shipments since its deployment as a web application in September 2001.


  • Vehicle Communication System – use of transponders with near real-time tracking, and two-way communications capability transmitting     data and messages to the control center
  • Monitoring Operations Support Center - 24/7 PC-equipped operations center to administer the system and shipment tracking transaction records, monitor shipments, manage system access, support system users with training and help desk functions, and provide activity reports
  • Monitoring Application - software integrating communications and database functions with web interfaces for operations center and user shipment monitoring
  • System Hardware, Network Security, and Backup - servers for running the monitoring application with systems, secure networking, and backup support, as well as internet service provider access


  • Position and messaging – data is made available over the Web and can be viewed by authorized Federal, State and Tribal customers across   the United States
  • Two-way communications - feed data and messages to authorized customers, TRANSCOM Communication Center and Shipper have two   way communication with Drivers
  • Route deviation: - “Geo-fenced” shipments can alert the operator if a route deviation has occurred. This is key for RAMQC shipments
  • Emergency alert: - provides a panic button that can be activated as required by the vehicle operator


Barge Transport

  • TRANSCOM Communication Center tracks Foreign Research Reactor fuel from overseas for the NNSA
  • Position Updates transmitted to NetGain’s communication center

Road Transport

  • Commercial off the shelf equipment, satellite tracking, and communication services provide near real-time tracking and two-way communications capability
  • Positional data and messages are automatically fed to TRANSCOM
  • TRANSCOM Web Application allows authorized users to access shipments within their jurisdiction

Rail Transport

  • DOE SNF shipments
  • Truewaste shipments
  • Position updates and two way communication can be made available to authorized States/tribes